Hi everyone :) - Introduce Yourself!
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I am Moderator Mohtsu, I am 21 years old and an avid programmer! I never played the original Maplestory back in 2005. Dalsia convinced me to play Maplestory (where I fell in love btw). I am a (noob) Priest in maple story 2. I hope you will enjoy your stay here and feel free to suggest ideas and report bugs! ALSO, how is everyone liking Maplestory 2 so far? Leave a vote below!

Happy Mapling!

How are you liking Maplestory 2 so far?

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I'm Mirukae, I joined this site today.

My name is Oceane, I think that I don't need to specify that I am a girl. Currently I am 14 years old. I am Vietnamese and I have French nationality. At school, I learn English (obviously?) and Spanish. I was also a Hellenist (I chose the Ancient Greek option). Since september 2018, I am in International Section. French, English, Spanish, and more English.

I am a shy potato. One day, a friend told me that I am gentle, kind and nice. She also said that I want to make happy the people around me. Finally, she said that I accept the even the most difficult errors and that I hang on to life.

I like playing video games and piano, drawing, singing, eating, sleeping etc. And, uh... reading, sometimes?

I play MapleStory 2 since October 25th, 2018. I am a wizard who likes to play music and to fish. My favorite place is my (sweet) home ;v;
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Hi everybody.

My name is Sean, but I like to be known as SP online. I have been playing Maplestory 2 on/off since October, but I am finding more time these days to get gaming hours in. My character is a level 40+ berserker, mad enough to go after bosses by himself I might add! I like to play a wide variety of games from all genres and hold other talents creatively and in broadcasting. They might come in handy, I don't know, but a pleasure to be here and meet you all.
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