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Hey guys, just thought I would share a super helpful guide I found on Reddit recently about berserker builds. I personally tested these builds and I believe the guide is pretty spot on. All credit goes to reddit user SteelRecon.


Berserker Builds - beta is fucky- I am not a 'pro' build maker - I freely admit there could still be a better one out there, feel free to do your own testing, but these are the best I have found with the help of reddit. - Link to build tree's with stat recommendations.

(dps was compared with the same set of gear as the post below,

Spin2Win being the base line build at 36k dps, but always 36k with no real risk at all. Any build that cant beat this, should just be this.

+Easy P Z

No real healing but it's easy to dodge everything
No real utility either.
Dark Void maxing Bleed at 41k - Better with less up time on target. Dark Void maxing GSM at 42k - Worse than bleed if cant always be attacking.

Both without self heal
medium risk/reward with the Dark might window.
+Dark Might speed everything up so it is quite easy to get back on target if you wiff your timing/the boss moves quickly.

+Has intimidation (10 stacks at level 4 = 18% damage reduction on the damage dealt by the boss for like 4 seconds)

+Bleed evens out damage for both builds when you cant attack the boss.

+Can be Macroed into a single key, still have to aim it all though :P.

Then at the top DPS wise would be /u/Veliela
Dark breaker/Blood-lust build, I dubed t Bloodbreaker.

BloodBreaker 44k DPS

+Very tanky with warrior instinct/blood-lust as a part of the rotation, good for solo bossing/runs.

+Pool can act as a dot dealing damage when you get stunned etc.

+Highest dps output.

Highest risk, if the target moves out of the pool or you miss the pool it is only going to do a bit more damage than spin to win.
Least mobile out of all the builds due to burning the most spirit stacks constantly with dark breaker.
Edit - This build destroys on the 2nd phase of the raid boss

I would recommend buying two trees, running either Dark Void variant for dungeons with mobile bosses and a second tree with BloodBreaker to just fucking face tank and melt any dungeons with stationary bosses.

Have fun!












2567 Gearscore, 4017 attack, all STR invested. Still Testing and will update with new info but this build or, a variation of it does seem to be the 'best'.

I'm calling it the Dark Void(DV) build.

Pulling 40k single target on big dummy in the guild room (test stopped before the 4th earthquake could go off, it's just how I've been testing) is the build/gear I'm running.


X slash (if far away)-> Earthquake-> Void slash to 10 stacks-> Dark Might ->Void slash till earthquake is back. Repeat using cd's as the come up.

Intimidate as needed.

This is the most single target I've been able to put out with any of the variations tested. (ground-breaker is pulling about 36k, dark break about the same and it's janky due to the cost of void slash after using it.)

You can drop some points in deep wounds/great sword mastery and pick up blood lust if you need the self heal. I've found with a fishing pet auto potting enough and I've not needed it, also priests.....

Testing yet to be done/in progress:

With this rotation after the dark might and the build 2nd phase there is some extra spirit, I'm testing dumping this with ground breaker but the cost of getting back into void slash makes this a bit harder to play imo.

I haven't really tried to find the sweet spot between Crit and strength (or see if there is actually one). All Crit sucks (like mid 20k dps sucks), Dex does not increase accuracy in the stat page like it says it does and has a minimal effect. so Str stacking does seem to be the way for now. (at least until I get more points, just hit 50 a few hours ago.) Will likely get more crit just to keep the bleed effect up all the time but this is more of a tactical choice due to the fact I'm playing from New Zealand and this means 500 ping.

I'm not sure how the bleed works, if it is only the last Crit we only really want to Crit enough to not have the bleed drop off (I would think), if it stacks this isn't an issue (based on the damage numbers I can see I'm thinking it's just ticking from the last hit and not stacking the damage up)

*There is some play between taking points out of deep wounds and maxing great sword mastery(GMS). The main trade off is that you will do less damage with GMS if you are unable to maintain up time on the boss but more if you can stick on it. (I'm playing from New Zealand so due to ping I chose the prior option.) - Gives me about 42k dps -
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